Welcome to Our World

Welcome to Our World

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


When our lives face challenges we often lack the words to express our emotions deep within us. Then as we read-bathe our hearts and minds in His word our soul begins to cry out simultaneously with joy and sadness. Difficult to express. Difficult to explain.
This month, September of 2018, Nancy and I will continue our earthly journey which now takes us to new opportunities as we retire from full time career missionaries with status with Mission to the World (MTW). During our time with MTW we have grown much in almost every area of our lives. Spiritually we now have a deeper understanding of living in grace depending upon the mercy of God. Physically we remain healthy in spite of our aging bodies. Emotionally we want to express our gratitude to you who have sustained us with finance, prayer and support in so many way. 
We trust God for our future. Exactly what it will look like we will tell you as it unfolds. We have a nice place to live near Chattanooga and hope to be involved in community life near our home. Medical mission trip will likely take place the beginning of 2019. The potential for locum tenum work may become a reality as well.
May your journey carry you to God’s grace and mercy as you are physically restless awaiting eternal rest.

Dale and Nancy Knutson

Sunday, September 9, 2018



Do you remember the first person you heard speak?
For most of us our first memory of hearing someone speak was our mother and father. 
Since we live together in the same household it is natural that our parents became the first speakers we heard. But what about the first one to ever speak in the whole universe? Is there such a one? 
Let us investigate these thoughts through a  series questions of Who How Where What When and Why.

Who was the first one to speak.?
How does the first speaker speak?
Where does the first speaker speak?
What does the first speaker say?
When did or does the first speaker speak?

Why does the first speaker speak?